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Owners FAQ

What are your fees?

Our standard management fee is 10.5% of the monthly rent collected and is automatically withdrawn from the owner-client account at the first of each month. That fee is based on the prevailing rental rate of a signed lease agreement. That amount changes according to the negotiated rental rate.

We ask our owner-client's to sign a two year management agreement with the option to renew.

(NOTE: Multiple rentals under the same ownership are eligible for a fee reduction.)

How do I get paid?

Tenants make rental payments directly to the bank, set-up direct deposit or bill pay, or mail their rent to our office. Once a month, we send funds to the owner-client as requested. The most expedient method is by ACH electronic transfer to the account information provided by the client.

Why choose Northern Kentucky?

There are many ways to describe "Northern Kentucky." Geographically, Northern Kentucky is the three northernmost counties of Kentucky (Boone, Campbell and Kenton), or you could say Northern Kentucky is the southern side of Cincinnati. Economically, Northern Kentucky is described as the northern tip of the Golden Triangle of Kentucky, the area comprised of Northern Kentucky, Lexington and Louisville. The Golden Triangle is the heart of Kentucky's business and economic activity. The Golden Triangle has a population of 2.3 million; which is 54% of Kentucky's population, or 22% of the state's land area.

As an integral part of the Triangle, each of the three counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton provide many recreational opportunities, from award-winning parks and green space to professional sports, cultural events and a wide variety of shopping – and, our good neighbor, Cincinnati is just 10 minutes away from many of our communities. Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati is among "America's 50 Hottest Cities," according to a report released by Expansion Management.

How do we describe Northern Kentucky? – it is a distinct region within the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Northern Kentucky is the equivalent of living in a “large” small town where the cost of living, land costs, buying a home, and proximity to rail, highway and air transportation keep getting better and better!

Since 1987, companies like Toyota Engineering and Manufacturing NA HQ, Fidelity Investments, WILD Flavors, and Ticona have found Northern Kentucky to be very profitable for business operations.

About the Northern Kentucky Economy

Northern Kentucky experienced substantially lower unemployment than the Cincinnati MSA, Kentucky or the United States from 1990 through 2005. A lower unemployment rate is indicative of a stable economy.

More than 48,000 new jobs were added in the period 1990–2009, with a total capital investment of $4.7 Billion.

While Northern Kentucky is a submarket of the Cincinnati MSA, we are less susceptible to downturns in the business cycles - our economy does not decline as much during those periods. This in turn allows Northern Kentucky to grow quickly in boom times.

Tenants FAQ

How do I pay rent?

Tenants are given specific instructions making rental payments. After the initial move-in funds are received, the tenants are given bank name and locations for direct deposits or walk-in payments to the bank. The last option would be for payments to be mailed to our office. All payments are due and must be posted to the account by the 5th of the month or late fees apply.

Special considerations can always be discussed upfront prior to signing the lease.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Service and /or tenant requests are handled electronically, initially, with an email or text. Upon review, the appropriate action is taken and a phone call is made to the tenant to verify a clear understanding of the issue to be addressed or repaired. Action is then taken to get the problem corrected in a timely manner.

We make sure our tenants understand the difference between an "annoyance" and an "emergency".

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